About us

The objectives of The Edgar E Lawley Foundation are for general charitable purposes with particular reference to medicine, to necessitous elderly persons, and to educational purposes with reference to the arts, commerce and industry.

Its area of benefit is undefined within the United Kingdom but traditionally the Foundation has given particular assistance to smaller charities in the West Midlands area. The Foundation will not consider applications for grants from and on behalf of private individuals. The Foundation’s preference is to award unrestricted grants to smaller charities and not for profit organisations and therefore significant amounts of project data are not required to be submitted with grant applications.

Applicants should be aware that typically the Foundation receives over 800 applications per year for grants but can only fund approximately 125 of them. Applications by email are preferred to save applicants postage costs.

The current annual grants programme amounts to approximately £220,000 per annum with a typical grant being in the region of £1,500 per successful applicant.  The next grant programme which will be for 2018/19  and applications should be submitted no earlier than 1 August 2018 with a closing date of 31 October 2018 for decision in January 2019. The Foundation regrets that it is unable to deal with applications outside that period.

It will be necessary in all cases to complete a Grant Application Form which can be downloaded from below or requested by email or post together with a stamped addressed envelope. The completed form together with any other information can be returned preferably by email to edgarelawley@gmail.com or by post to P.O. Box 456, Esher. KT10 1DP.

GRANT APPLICATION FORM 2018-19 for downloading. Please note that after downloading the form should be saved to the applicants computer and saved again after completion prior to emailing or posting back to the Edgar E Lawley Foundation. It cannot be completed on line.

IMPORTANT – Please read the following instructions before completing the form before submitting. Incorrect applications may be rejected. GUIDANCE FOR COMPLETION OF SUMMARY GRANT APPLICATION FORM 2018-19 Copies of the Foundations Annual Report are available on request from the Administrative Trustee (See contact page) enclosing a large stamped addressed envelope.