Guidance Notes for Application



 IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with the guidance detailed below when completing the grant application form may invalidate the application.

 Question 1 1: Enter the full legal name of charity (i.e. the payee name to whom any grant awarded will be made payable). Compulsory

Question 2: Enter the full name of the charity’s website, if any, using the full format including its commencing with https://

Question 3: Enter the charity’s Charity Commission Registration number. Compulsory

Question 4: Enter the option for the single field of activity that best describes your charity’s activities. Compulsory

Question 5: Enter the single geographic region from the list provided where most of your charity’s activity takes place. Compulsory

 Question 6: Enter the Yes/No answer to whether this application is your charity’s first application for a grant. Compulsory

 Question 7:  If the answer to question 6 is yes enter the year in which a grant had been previously awarded Compulsory

Question 8: Briefly summarise how any grant awarded would be used up to a maximum of 200 characters.

The system will not permit a greater number of characters being input. Please confine input to key points only.  Compulsory

Questions 9-14: (9) Enter the date of the most recent year end to which the financial information to be submitted relates. (10) Enter the total income including all Restricted and Unrestricted Funds as per the Financial Statements. (11) Enter the total expenditure including all Restricted and Unrestricted Funds as per the Financial Statements. (12) Enter the surplus or deficit for the year as per the Financial Statement (10 minus11 above). (13) Enter the amount of non-charitable activity expenditure contained within (11) above that was spent on administration and fundraising. Fundraising should include any expenditure spent as part of a commercial enterprise (e.g. stock, wages etc. for a charity shop). (14) Enter the amount shown as per the Financial Statements and carried forward as Unrestricted Reserves. It should be noted that all financial figures are likely to be verified with Charity Commission returns. Incorrect or false information may invalidate the grant application. Compulsory

Questions 15-22: Enter the personal details of the individual making the application on behalf of the charity. This will be the person with whom all future contact will be made. Compulsory

When the charity submitting the grant application is satisfied that all the required questions have been answered the submission to the Edgar E Lawley Foundation can be made electronically by pressing the SUBMIT button. An acknowledgement of the submission will follow for the submitting charity’s records. A copy of the completed application will also be emailed to the named applicant. No other information is required to be submitted with the application. If any queries are raised or further information required of the submitting charity, they will be contacted directly by the Edgar E Lawley Foundation

Applications will only be accepted for consideration between 1st August and 31st October 2020 with a final decision on the grants to be awarded being made in January 2021.